Once upon a time… there was a traditional and very peculiar restaurant, where nobody knew if they were going there for the tasty and unique delicacies, or for the “c@ralh@das” offered by the no less peculiar owners…
   Believe me, they put José Milhazes on the slipper, it was a repast, it was to eat the good and the best, watered down with good wine, often imposed and imagine there, with the right to do the wine tasting  himself in someone else’s glass. Let’s get to the seasonings, well there was actually, the culinary seasoning and the sound seasoning, yes that’s right, sound seasoning…
Psst, do this SH#T that this guy has munchies… wine is not “ganita”. Words unworthy of our dictionary but clearly heard during dinner, making portugueses from the island, from the “ContEnente” and turists happy, and what never failed was the good Portuguese food.
   We are trying to recreate the sound seasoning, but it is effectively inimitable, so we stick to what we know best, good food…!
   Fabio: Sh#t Gonçalo! send that bouncing squids that that guy is tired of waiting!
   Gonçalo: F#ck #ff!… they are already leaping…

   Já Fui Jaquet